From Design To Delivery

Bernardo Manufacturing's products begin as concepts created by our talented designers. Our artists start each design from scratch, drawing inspiration from many different avenues and sketching representations of what will ultimately become the final product. Meetings between artists and management ensure that each unique design fulfills all expectations.
Once designs are finalized, the sketches are recreated as 3D models in a computer environment to perfect design and symmetry.
Using a CNC machine, the virtual designs are built into physical, polyurethane resin models for customer review and approval. Upon approval, each design is painstakingly hand sculpted by a model maker and a master mold is created for casting and duplication purposes.
Molds are created from the models using uncured rubber which is vulcanized at 300 degrees. Once complete, liquid metal is poured into the molds to create castings.
Pieces are cast from the mold in a spinning device that utilizes centrifugal force to distribute the metal evenly. Once cooled, the castings are inspected for quality and then moved on to polishing.
While some products are mechanically polished, it’s not uncommon for many of our pieces to also be hand polished, burnishing their surface and maximizing luster and shine.